Monday, October 12, 2009

Everlasting Blue

I sat with him

On a hulking steal runway

Talking or not

Watching always


The billowing blue

The pattern breaks

The perpetual Pacific

Runs beneath us and

Our dangling dogged limbs

Smelled of tangent truth

And unabashed love, unspoken

The wind whispered strong

Secrets to us two

The only people to hear them

He twitched, a byproduct

Of a summer time stroke

Kept time with the clouds

And sun as they moved

Overhead like silky shadows

My bell bottom pants

Whistled and shook

Carried deftly along

By forward progress, wind

And the work of others

I was on top

Of a floating world

Small, my Grandfather

Sat beside me, and

Together we watched

He squinted in the face

Of his old friend

The Sun, greeted him

warmly in return, they

being great friends

He looked to me,

Saw the trim of

Tattoos and tears

Of one meant for

a long sea voyage

I saw pride in

Those timeless eyes

Pride which I can

Carry with me

And measure myself

Pride which one day

I hoped

To look back and see

That with great effort

I lived up to

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