Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dirty Dreams

I lie down but do not close my eyes

God damn the pictures on the ceiling

Flashing by black and white and red

Closing my eyes will not stop them

Peace, but my heart thunders inside

A thousand explosions in my chest

I can’t shut down my breaking brain

Or close off the blood to my heart

Giving life to my unholy eardrums

And the sounds of screams and death

I am screaming too or maybe just

Trying to close my mouth I retch

At the sight of muzzle fire and flame

Bombs falling from a broken sky

I am here but tied to there so I

Tear off my clothes to stop the fire

And run across the ceiling punching

The walls, opening and closing drawers

This is my norm and closure as I sit

Sweat dripping from my nude body

As I stand at the precipice of madness

Closer than I have ever been

I lie down but do not close my eyes

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