Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Three Faces of Man

I dreamed last night of three men hiking on the tall rocks of the earth. It is when they reached the summit that they looked upon the true beauty of earth in the valley below. This valley was the place where all beautiful things in the world come from. It was the place where Mother Earth kept all of the original copies of the beauty that she spread around the earth.

These three men when they looked upon this they were mesmerized, each in his own way, by the sight of it. The men ran down from the advantage point of the tall rocks and into the valley below where they came upon a small hill in the center. They climbed the hill and rested on top as they surveyed their surroundings.

The first man with an eye for the beautiful and appreciation for such stood after a long while and sang to the valley. He sang the song that the birds, the bones of the earth, the bees, the lizards, and the deer sing. He sang the song of rivers and the wind and he wept all the wile. Upon hearing this song the second man stood and pulled a knife from his belt and stabbed at the song singer. The man fell to the ground washing it with his life. He looked up at his traitorous companion and asked him how he could do such a thing in this Holy place. The man answered that the song sounded evil because he did not understand it. It was not sung in the white tongue.

The third man sat quietly on the ground as still as the stalked rabbit thinking only about self-preservation. He never looked on the first man as he died and his bones turned to dust and fed the beauty of the Valley. After a spell the second man said to the last “what flower do you think is the most beautiful here?” The man answered and said “whatever flower you think is the most choice is the flower I like best.” The first man thought about this and realized this was the correct answer. After some time the third man, thinking only of his own survival, left the second man seeing the evil spirit that existed inside of him. He shed many tears as he left that beautiful place yet never returned for fear of his life. He made his home in the desert and hid underground on his belly like a snake for the rest of his days.

Now the second man after being alone for some time became to get agitated at the disappearance of his brothers. Never realizing that he was the crafter of his own situation. His despair grew until madness overtook him. He grew calm then and built a fire that when put to flint burned the entire valley to the ground including the man stricken with the mind sickness.

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