Monday, April 27, 2009

Sea Winds

The wind of the seas are lifes breezes
A plan of action in ways and seasons
Look to the sails, the mate, and the rower droves
Most importantly look to see how the wind blows

The still calm lax and tolerant spurning apathy, madly
The blue skies clear and piercing nothing to learn, sadly
To task and polish with paint and hammer
Till the sea winds come, preparing, is all that matters

Ah, the gentle breeze pushing forward and true
Destinations, love, and friends all ahead of you
Up the mast we go to dream of far off places
All around your vessel the present races

In the distance a dark sky ahead rolls
A stiff wind takes the slack and we fight to stay in control
You change your tack and break for the calm and norm
But sometimes at sea you have to face the storm

The gail force wind blows like a chaotic and crazy killer
So dark, black, and soulless; you stand firm at the tiller
No stars or light for direction, looking only to yourself to see you through
You fight and scream and cry, doing all that you can do

Dawn breaks and with the morning comes the light of the sun
You remember the winds and all that they have done
You smile a tired smile and point your vessel to any destination you please
Dennison said, "the cure for everything is saltwater -whether sweat, tears, or the sea".

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