Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dominoe Theory

We are all dominoes, standing side by side
Waiting for the man next to us to fall down
So we may in turn fall down.
Clack, Clack, Clack is the defeaning sound or our doom
We know what approaches but our backs are turned
We marvel at our numbers and laugh at the blank back of the man in front.
Ignoring the roar and concentrating on our ignorance.
Should we instead lean our selves toward the tide,
Tip the scales of balance and pull our brothers with us.
Forcing them to turn and see what approaches and to pull the man next to them
Chaotic, inverted, reverse chain reaction.
Halting time and destruction for a moment
Opening a window behind us so we can properly see the path ahead
Is it impossible to change our ways
We fall, that is what is meant for us
This is the cry of the box of dominoes
Setup to be knocked down
Not having the imagination to be something different
Maybe a box of dominoes can only be a box of dominoes

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