Thursday, February 26, 2009


OptimismAh, to start out, to seek something better, to relinquish the pasts hold on you. I seem to be bound by the inexplicable taste of something and the desire to be something I am not. Well, I, of course can only be what I am. I have tasted and moved on in body, now must my spirit and heart follow. I have started to break away and through the web of lies and self doubt to discover the bright shiny darkness of what is me. Not darkness in the sense of light and darkness but the dismal quality of my hidden being. The not looked for, the unearthed, the unwashed, and the unseen. It is when I truly look upon the diseased manifesto of my life that I can amputate the flailing and phosphorus burnings of before and focus on the next. The yet to come is exciting knowing that the last is over and done. The dawn is clear and morbid and somber and loath to peek over the mountainous divides of past soulless trials and tribulations. But, peek it does. And in that oh radiant shred of a beam I see possibility, understanding, awakening. It warms me and I crest a universe for it to shine on me in full. This is why I continue on. So continue on I will.

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