Thursday, February 26, 2009

Letters To Chris Morales

It is not the destination but the journey that is important. We hear this but do we really, truly grasp its meaning. As we sit back in our day to day lives its important to take an account or measure of ourselves. Self. is an important word these days. It is not just that we differentiate our selves from the rest of the world but more importantly we include our selves into the day to day living that is going on around us. I muse that these two things are mutually exclusive. How can we on one hand do for our selves what we as individuals must do to live a full and benefitial life while at the same time tying our selves into the mold that the society we live in dictates that we personify? Talk about an exercise in futility. Society dictates in our culture that to be a person of worth we must have a few and distiguishable traits. I ask you this; why must we be tied to these traits? In every new revolutionary idea their is a break from traditional thinking. The world was flat for hundreds of years till a few men thought enough of themselves to question the norm. Beauty was considered a certain thing until Van Gogh and Picasso decided Beauty was in the eye of the beholder. In today's day and age, and in this country, why is the divorce rate so high? Why is crime rampant throughout? Why, because the bar is not raised high its just slanted. Where is free thought? Where is the adventure that once made things so great. Why don't I live on the moon or mars? Why dont people leave there individual homes and set out on missions of self discovery to find the things in life that they will be passionate about? Where are the risk takers, the dreamers, and the emotional journeys? Why do people choose to live in an unhealthy box of societal unhappy rightness instead of forging there own individual path? The only answer I have for you is that we are cowards. We are afraid to face the unknown. We believe the world and for the most part new experience is something to be disdained and feared than something that should be embraced and cherished. We bury our hopes and dreams for the idea that we should not stray from the flock. It is important to remember that life only holds in its hands what you put into it. So to my friends that read this I would say go outside the box that you may have created for yourself. Reach for the stars even if it seems like a ridiculously long stretch. The only way you will look back and realize it was all worth while is if in the end you are content in the way you took part in the journey. Think outside my friends. Discover yourself and your uniqueness in the quiet of a park or the buzzing of a city. Take a closer look at what could make you happy. We put all of our faith in immaterial things to make us complete and full. Find out what will make you happy that is not set in front of you on a platter. Be a revolutionary in your own self. Make a difference in your own life.

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